The Great Colorado Mine (20.66 Acre Lode Mining Claim)

The Great Colorado Mine lode mining claim is a 20.66 acre unpatented mining claim in the Rocky Mountains, approximately 43 miles West of Fort Collins in the Manhattan Gold Mining District of Northern Colorado. It is only a few miles South of Red Feather Lakes. Because it is on National Forest land, it allows camping, hiking, dogs, and shooting.

This is a very special claim for the Manhattan District. To the best of my knowledge this is the most extensive claim in the area, containing over 21 vertical shafts, and many prospects that may actually be extensive inclined shafts! At least two shafts are known to have been fairly deep and have extensive workings. At least one shaft is known to have an eroded in drift tunnel partway down. Tailings on the surface contain low grade sulfide ores, and some quartz. The claim also has multiple large quartz outcroppings, and easy access for camping or RVs. Scroll down for maps, including an interactive Google Maps window.

The ore seen in the tailings pile rates from low grade to medium grade sulphide, quartzite, and quartz type ores.

Estimated gold reserves in tailings: Unknown
Estimated gold reserves on claim: Unknown

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