The Lead Belt Lode (4.199 Acre Patented Mining Claim)

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This amazing property has privately owned surface and mineral rights, meaning you don't need to deal with the BLM or USFS for matters within the claim boundaries! Instead mining activity is regulated by the State of Colorado and the claim owner, greatly simplifying the process. For small miners that will have less than a 1,600 square foot surface disturbance, the State of Colorado does not require permits for explorative mining activity on private (patented) claims such as this. Ready to get started right away!

Per Clear Creek County regulations, a structure that is 120 square feet or less may be built without requiring permits. While you may not live permanently in this structure, it may be useful for overnight stays while you are working on the claim. It will also be incredibly helpful for tool storage!

The primary mine has an eroded shut portal facing the Santiago. It was a small drift level striking right into a large lode. This area is below mineralized cliffs and a massive dike of manganese oxide ore. The cliffs and scree piles make timbering and retaining walls a requirement. The portal can be reopened by dedicated and smart work easily within a season. The fortunes of this property are yet unknown, and it is perfect for discovering new lodes, starting new drifts or shafts, and the potential of the original drift is amazing. We are unsure the ore quality until this work is undertaken, so great deals on a lease to explore and start mining can be had.

The Argentine District is 7 miles SW of Georgetown, and nearly due S of Silver Plume. The Lead Belt is located right above the former ghost town of Waldorf, and is only a few thousand feet from the original Argentine Central Railroad Grade which is now the 4x4 road. Access by 4x4 vehicle is only possible in summer months, or when snow is not accumulated. In winter months access may be made by snowshoe, ski, or snowmobile, but is not recommended.

Due to the location and the fact that this claim was patented, it is highly likely that a high grade gold or silver lode will be uncovered by dedicated work, but cannot be guaranteed. To embark prospecting and working the Lead Belt is to step back in time and take a risk just like the famous prospectors and miners of the Old West with fortunes just past the next swing of a pick. With luck, perhaps the next lessee will strike it rich for themselves!

Please do not visit without explicit permission from the owner.

Without being able to assess the vein, the mineral potential of this property can be put in context by examining the following information gained from United States Geological Survey Professional Papers.

The first image shows the plan of the Waldorf Mine tunnel which was dug all the way to the Santiago Mine, showing veins cut by the main tunnel. Note that the long drift to the South which goes under the Lead Belt is nearly 1000 ft long, and would not have been dug unless values could justify it. It is highly likely that the lode which this drift followed is owned by the Lead Belt. Unfortunately the Waldorf Mine's portal is collapsed and it cannot be accessed. It will need to be located on the surface again.

The Santiago Mine and its vein are located less than 1000 ft away. The lode runs approximately parallel to the Lead Belt. The second image shows figures representing ore recorded as being mined from the Santiago for the dates shown. To summarize, the Santiago had ores worth around 1/2 oz gold per ton, 32 oz silver per ton, 203 lbs lead per ton, 16 lbs copper per ton, and 46 lbs of zinc per ton. At the current rates this equates to about $1,500/ton. This probably shows typical medium grade ores. Higher values reached 1.2 oz gold per ton, easily beating the previous figure on its own, as well as 109 lbs of copper per ton. In total such ore was worth more than $2,816 per ton. This summarization is approximate of average values, refer to the chart below to see the exact numbers.

LeadBelt LeadBelt

The following images are from July 2023.