The Lucky Triple Mine (20.66 Acre Unpatented Lode Mining Claim)

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The Lucky Triple Mine is a 20.66 acre unpatented lode mining claim located on United States Forest Service land. The primary mineral mined here is gold, with silver and other metals as tertiary commodities. For details about unpatented mining claims, please read the FAQ's. For mining terms used on this website, please take a look at the definitions section on the first page!

The claim already has TWO developed mines on it! Both of these workings are horizontal drift tunnels, and access the mineralized veins on the claim.

The first adit has a gate installed. It can be upgraded if needed to a larger size. As with all underground mines, the rock near the surface is fractured and a little bit dangerous. There are a few feet of pinecones for the first 20 or so feet, at which point the rock becomes very solid and safe. I recommend doing some work to stabilize this first section with timbers before working much further inside. Once inside, the massive mineralized sulfide vein appears. In fact, it would seem that there are 2 parallel veins, only 1 of which was followed! The tunnel runs baout 150 feet into the mountain following the vein, indicating that they were making money even back then when you had to freight ore down to Fort Collins by horse-drawn wagons!

The second adit has a smaller workings pile, and has a LOT of unstable rock. I don't recommend trying to work that mine, it has evidence of two major collapses, and is very sketchy. It would take a lot of work to fix up. This adit has a 3-way split immediately after the portal which is perhaps why it is so unstable. The right and center tunnels have major collapses, but the left has timbering and gobbing, and appears to be open. I have not entered it to see how far it goes, and DO NOT recommend trying to do so.

The claim also has two prospect tunnels- Tunnels that were started and only go into the mountain 5-10 feet. These are ideal places to learn timbering, and continue the tunnel! They are lower risk, more stable, and easy to access.

The entire claim was burned by the Cameron Peak Fire in late 2020. The dead trees that are still solid were killed by the intense heat but remain solid, structural, and intact. If you contact the USFS you should be able to use them to timber the mine.

The Southeast quarter of the claim has not been explored, but I do not expect to find any existing workings. It will be worth exploration to prospect for a new site! Scroll down for maps, including an interactive Google Maps window.

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Lucky Triple Mine

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