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You can contact me directly at any time at PLEASE read through this first page before sending questions- I answer most of them below! Click here to read the FAQ's.

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Featured mine: The Carbolite Mine, Boulder County, CO

Mining Claims and Gold Mines For Sale (Click Links For Details):
Mine/Claim Name Image Location Acres Status
Serpentine Prospect image Larimer County 20.66 $750 SOLD!
Under Contract
Mapping and Paperwork Services image Click to see all Services!
With a full paperwork and prospecting package, I can stake you a brand new mining claim in your name in a location that has had historic mining activity, for a flat rate of only $750! You will need to place posts and signs yourself. Package is for paperwork, all first-year fees, all filings, and location, no ground work. Email for details.

Hard Rock Mining Claims For Lease
Mine/Claim Name Image Location Acres Status
Gold Bank image Larimer County 20.66 Contact for Prices
Great Colorado Mine image Larimer County 20.66 Contact for Prices
The Old Twenty Mine image Larimer County 20.66 Contact for Prices
Click for Video
0.33 Ounces Gold Per Ton (XRF)
Carbolite Mine image Boulder County 20.66 Contact for Prices
Click For Video! 2 oz/ton Silver, 0.1 oz/ton Gold!

Recently Sold/Under Contract Claims
Mine/Claim Name Image Location Acres Status
Lucky Triple Mine image Larimer County 20.66 SOLD
Katherine's Lode No. 1 image Clear Creek County 10.33 SOLD
Katherine's Lode No. 2 image Clear Creek County 10.33 SOLD Under Contract
Gold Castle Mine image Larimer County 20.66 SOLD Under Contract

Service Description Price
Claim Listings List your claim for sale here. Price per month. 2% fee if sold from this site. $15
Lode Claim Paperwork Package Lode claim paperwork package. Includes: Map drawn to GPS accuracy, new COL custom tailored to the claim's requirements, instructions to file all paperwork properly at the county and USBLM. $500
Full Lode Claim Paperwork Package Lode claim paperwork package PLUS all paperwork filed on your behalf with location-year fees paid. Requires additional paperwork- Contact for details. $750
Lode Claim Maps Lode claim maps drawn to GPS accuracy. Maps for new claims drawn with precision and a professional historic appearance. If your original map was slightly off, didn't show as much detail as you wanted, is small scale, or you just want an updated map, you can file one of these maps as an amendment with the county and USBLM. You must file yourself. Click Here for full size Map Example
Misc. Maps Just like the Lode claim maps, drawn to GPS accuracy. These maps might not be specifically to file a claim- They may be for putting together reports, trying to sell your claim, or just for your own records and information. Mapping of patented and unpatented claims in an area. These are not meant to be filed with the USBLM or filed for official purposes except by specific request. $175
Certificate of Location (COL) A COL is required when filing new claims. It will be drawn up and filled out to your specifications, using a format which has been used for decades, custom tailored to your claim. If your original COL needs to be updated, you can file this COL as an amendment. You must file yourself. $100
Unpatented Mining Claim Name Change Service If you want to change the name of your claim, you need a new COL (same as above) which matches the information on your original filed COL, PLUS some additional steps. This will give you an amended COL plus instructions on how to properly file the paperwork to change the claim name. You must file yourself. Contact to have it filed for you at additional charge (requires additional paperwork). $100
Unpatented Value Estimates A rough value estimate based on existing maps and paperwork. $25
Unpatented Value Assays, in-person prospecting, analysis of any existing workings, estimation of reserves (if present and/or possible), and evaluation of access and workability. Approximately 3 months. Typed report and reasoning. Must be within 100 miles of Loveland with road access within 2 miles. Cheaper packages without assays available, but do not provide reserve estimate. $1250
Patented Value Estimates A rough value estimate based on existing maps and paperwork. $25
Patented Value Assays, in-person prospecting, analysis of any existing workings, estimation of reserves (if present and/or possible), and evaluation of access and workability. NOT A REALTOR. Value based on selling without a realtor on a private by-owner listing site such as this one. Approximately 3 months. Typed report and reasoning. Must be within 200 miles of Loveland with road access within 2 miles. Cheaper packages without assays available, but do not provide reserve estimate. $1500

Unlike other sellers, I am 100% up-front, encourage you to ask questions, give the details, and GUARANTEE that you will will receive full ownership of the claim, the correct paperwork is filed at the time of transfer, and the claim is current.

Offers Accepted on All Claims and Mines, Email me with your Offer!
Owner financing available, 10% down, up to 5 years. DISCOUNT FOR FULL UP-FRONT PAYMENTS, cash or check.


Email me directly at

Mining Terms Definitions (Please Read!)

Dip : The angle that a vein or other thing (like a shaft, described below) sits at underground. It's measured in degrees, where 0 degrees is horizontal and 90 degrees is vertical. There are no negatives.

Drift : A horizontal tunnel. Also called a "drift tunnel." The classic mine!

Shaft : A shaft is always vertical. Not to be confused with a drift!

Winze : A shaft that is accessed from undergound and goes DOWN from a drift tunnel.

Raise : A shaft that is accessed from undergound and goes UP from a drift tunnel.

Inclined Shaft : Not quite vertical, but also not horizontal. Often described by it's dip. A 45 degree dip inclined shaft is a shaft that sits on a 45 degree angle or slope.

Inclined Tunnel : A tunnel that has a noticeable slope, but isn't vertical enough to be considered a shaft. Usually only a few degrees dip.

Stope : An area underground where the miners removed more ore than just the tunnel or shaft area. Usually it's a large open space where the vein used to be before the miners removed it.

Workings Pile : The pile of rock dumped outside of a mine. Often contains small pieces of ore, and a lot of barren rock. Avoid disturbing these when possible, to avoid releasing unweathered rock to the elements. When sulfide rocks come into contact with water and oxygen they can create sulfuric acid which can harm things lower on the mountain.

Workings : All of the underground parts of a mine. In other words, all the tunnels, shafts, winzes, raises, and stopes.

Adit : An entrance to a mine.

Portal : An entrance to a mine.

Mineralization : Mineralization (mineralized rock) is rock that has been enriched with minerals. Mineralized rock is what mines are all about- This is where the gold and silver were deposited, and what we mine to get the gold and silver out!

FAQ's (Please Read!)

Q: What are these properties, and can I build or live on them?
A: These properties are unpatented mining claims. If you are unfamiliar, an unpatented mining claim is a mining claim on United States property, managed either by the United States Forest Service (USFS) or Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It conveys ownership to lode or placer mineral rights and underground workings within the boundaries, but does not convey surface land ownership, which is retained by the USFS or BLM and technically remains public land. It is considered real property by the Federal Government, and only requires yearly maintenance fees or a proper waiver to maintain ownership (no taxes!). The highest yearly fee at the moment is $165/year per 20 acre lode claim, and for people who own less than 10 claims nationwide, will cost $15/claim with a properly filed waiver form. Surface disturbances, such as a new tunnel, prospect, shaft, or mining building should be approved by the USFS or BLM. Depending on the work you propose, they might require a bond to be paid. I can help you file paperwork for anything related to building or digging on your claims. All USFS and BLM rules apply to the land, which remains public, unless sections are approved to be restricted for mining purposes by the BLM or USFS. Obtaining permission to close off areas of the claim is not unheard of, it just requires some paperwork, patience, and a good reason why it is necessary for public safety or your mining work. Working with the USFS has always been pleasant in my experience! An unpatented mining claim is actually the same thing as a patented mining claim, except that a patented claim owns the surface, while an unpatented claim does not.

Q: Are any of these claims patented?
A: No, all of my claims are unpatented mining claims.

Q: Are you a business?
A: No, I am a prospector and small scale miner who runs this site as a side project. I own all of these claims myself, but I don't have time to work on all of them! My extras are listed here. I staked each and every one myself because I wanted to work it myself and beleived it had potential- But I simply just don't have the time to spend working on each one!

Q: Do you lease claims?
A: Yes. I start at $99/month, renewing monthly. I do not recommend leasing a claim, you will save money by purchasing a claim, and will have fewer requirements.

Q: Can I live on a claim if I buy or lease it?
A: You may only live on a claim for 14 days every 90 day period. This is a USFS and BLM rule, because the claim is on public land. You can stay longer if you get approval from the USFS!

Q: What can I do about claimjumpers?
A: If someone is claimjumping, call the local Sherriff's office and contact the USFS and BLM. Record evidence, which may be useful if it comes to a court decision.

Q: Does the Mining Law of 1872 apply to these?
A: Yes. The Mining Law of 1872 is what makes these claims possible! It has been amended many times over the years, so the latest revision is what applies.

Q: Can I look at a claim in person first?
A: YES! Please contact me by email, and I will respond with a few details. ALWAYS leave a claim better than you found it, stay away from all dangers and hazards, and be safe above all!

Q: Can I take samples on a claim before I buy it?
A: Yes, I encourage sampling before buying a claim. I ask to not take more than 5 lbs, so that others may sample as well. I am not running a mining free-for-all, and I am responsible for cleanup if you leave a mess or create holes!!

Q: Do I own things on the claims such as artifacts, structures? Items such as rusty cans, nails, or tools?
A: No. These are public property on United States Forest Service lands. It is illegal to remove or disturb these items or existing structures. Refer to USFS and BLM rules for details.

Q: Can I reserve a claim so that I can get tests done on samples?
A: Yes. Instead of a 10% down payment, you can make a non-refundable 2.5% payment on claims under $7,500, which will reserve the claim for 2 weeks. If you purchase the claim, that 2.5% will count towards the total. For claims worth more, contact me.


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Enagage with me and Colorado's rich mining history with my latest documentation on my YouTube channel Colorado Mining History

Email me with the details of your property and an asking price if you have one in mind. I am NOT a realtor, and these properties are NOT relisted for sale here!

Do you have a patented or unpatented mining claim you'd like to sell? I'll list your claim for a flat fee for the time it takes to upload images and write descriptions. If it sells, you pay me a small 2% commission for listing the claim. Sales are between buyers and sellers.

LOOKING FOR A GOOD FIRE ASSAYER? is run by Lawrence Hittle, a multi-decade professional Fire Assayer based here in Colorado. Accurate results, fast turnarounds, and no minimum number of samples! I use Mr. Hittle for all of my assays. He charges a flat rate of $30/sample for gold, and $35/sample to test for both gold AND silver if the samples are already crushed and dry. This recommendation is not sponsored or paid for.

Bureau of Land Management's LR2000 Database
Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Database
2020 Mining Claim Packet
My Land Matters Claim Maps